This is a blog about my fears, doubts, goals, dreams, self-love and getting ahold of them through a clearer and healthier being.

I coped 7 years of my life with bulimia. On April 2012 I decided not to damage my body anymore. I keep struggling with binges and now that I am no longer barfing, the questions are finally being answered instead of evaded and new ones are starting to appear. The most important and difficult task is choosing my thoughts wisely and shifting my old negative into positive ones. I am going to document the process of taking charge of my life and living it as fully as possible.

My native language is Spanish (I’m from Mexico) and I am by no means a writer so bear with me if my writing is a little flawed.

I decided to write in English because it widens my range in readers and helps me practice the language.

I am transforming my life into a more fulfilling, enlightened and inspiring one. You are very much welcome to witness and share it with me.

So, welcome to my blog, lovely reader! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do, writing it.



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    • Yeeeeeeeeeeeeei!!! thanks a lot, Eric! Thank you for reading my blog AND featuring it in your extremely awesome one !!! This makes me wanna keep working harder on my growth and recovery. You are way too cool! Thanks once again 😀

  1. Hello Erika. I am inspired by the steps you’re taking towards a better life. Good for you! It takes so much courage and will power to go forward, but you have that strength, we are all born with it.

    I also wanted to stop by and to say thank you for subscribing to my blog. I hope you enjoy your visits and welcome to http://www.somethingville.com! I will follow your journey and am looking forward to reading your posts.

    • Thank you so much! The people who follow my blog are my engine towards recovery. I know I have the strength… sometimes we forget it and we even take it for grounded so much, we become weak. I am regaining it step by step.
      Lots of love, and thank you for following my blog 🙂

    • I need to practice being brutally honest because I have been lying to myself (and everybody else) for years and that hasn’t given me any good results! Thanks for appreciating my honesty :).

  2. Your courageous spirit is amazing. I look forward to following your journey. Have you checked out Gala Darling? Google her if you like, she is all about self love and has a great website. I understand what you are going through from personal experience, and I believe a blog is one of the best outlets to move forward onto a happier you. You deserve it. All the very best!

    • Thanks so much! Your blog has captivated me by just reading two posts! I’m glad you found mine 🙂 I’ll look for her, any self-love source I can find becomes a powerful tool for my recovery, so I’ll check her out!!! Thank you for your wishes.

      • You are so welcome, doll. http://galadarling.com/ A friend recommended this site and it’s definitely uplifting. Gala moved from New Zealand and started a blog in New York about radical self love. She has thousands of followers and it’s now her full time job working on this project. Keep your head up! 🙂

    • Thank you Jason! I’m glad you found my little blog :D. I try to be as honest as possible because lying to myself hasn’t worked, so practicing honesty throughout this journey is vital.

  3. good luck to you! You’re a brave young woman and sharing your life like this will help to keep you in recovery! Stay strong and stay healthy

    • Awww thank you, Jill! I wanna recover for myself and also to help other girls out there suffering from an ED, it is sometimes hell, but I am living proof that it is possible to leave it behind. Thanks for following!

    • You did? Wow! I didn’t even know I was there! I don’t understand quite accurately how this works haha, I think I need a Blogging 101 ! haha. Thanks for your beauuutiful words! Stay strong too, Asha! We can do this 😉

  4. Hai! We have the same name! Same spelling even (which is rare!). I love what you are doing here. I spent most of my teen and early adult years drinking myself into oblivion but quit all together about 17 months ago. It’s so great to see others sharing their journey on the path to self improvement!

    • Hi Erika! I know, it is usually spelled “Erica”. I’m glad you are joining me on this bumpy road to recovery! You quit 17 months ago? WOW! I only turned 5 months on September, how does it feel to say that you’ve been sober for over a year?! Good for you! Welcome to my blog 😉

  5. If I once made it out the hell (anorexia, bulimia and orthorexia) you can too! I believe in you and will cheer you on in your road to recovery 🙂

  6. Hello Erika,

    Nice to catch up with your blog again. hope it is not too late to wish you a wonderful New Year. May 2013 bring you more happiness, love, and success. I would like to thank you because you continue following my blog. I hope my blog posts do not disappoint and that your visits in there have been a joyful ride.

    My subscription went messed up, and now I am resubscribing, looking forward to reading more of your posts! Thank you again, many blessings and much love to you. 🙂

    Subhan Zein

    • I hadn’t replied to this message! Thanks for the lovely wishes!!! :D. I thank YOU for following mine. You are some inspiring person to read, so don’t thank me ;).
      Much love back to ya !!!

  7. Hi Erika,

    I am thrilled to have run across your writings here. My illness isn’t your illness, but so many of the same fears and feelings underlying the illnesses are similar. What interests me most is the path to recovery, regardless of where we’ve been. Being true to ones self, to gaining strength, clarity and connecting to something greater is what is important. I have just started looking around your blog and I can see that spirit of hope. I look forward to reading more. Wonderful stuff. Cheers 🙂 Paul

    • Paul! Your comment totally and completely made my day! Thanks to you I decided to hit the “Publish” button, so thanks for reading!!!!. Sometimes I think I stop writing because I assume not many people would enjoy reading my craziness but then I realise how it’s all part of the journey and this blog is for my recovery’s sake. Thanks for stopping by and commenting :).

  8. Hi Erika,

    First of all, I wanted to say that you are BEAUTIFUL. Inside and out. Also, your writing is lovely and articulate and I was shocked to discover that you are not a native English speaker! I wish you so much peace in your journey and appreciate how honest you are about such a deeply personal subject.

    Lots of love, Camille.

    • Hi Camille.
      You are tooo kind, thanks for the compliments. Thanks for stopping by. Blogs like yours turn out being extremely inspiring and peace-providing.
      Love your way.

  9. I came here because of the shout out from Paul and so far just read this page… but it hit home. I just just discovered that my 12 year old is showing signs of an eating disorder and I’m so devastated that at her age she is going through this (while I know it’s common). Between that and her depression – I’m trying to learn as much as I can to help her through this. I’ll be reading your archives… and if you have words of advice, I’d love hearing them.

    • I’m glad you visited my page 🙂 and I love it hit home with youu! This is one of the reasons I keep blogging, this comment means the world to me, you can’t imagine how honoured I feel right now. Thanks a lot for writing and asking for advice! Now, it may not be the best one, I am still working on my binges and I am in the middle of recovery but I can tell you some very helpful things I have come to encounter in this path:
      Be as close as possible to your daughter, be interested in her life, even if she pushes you away. The close relationship I have with my mom has been incredibly significant and important in my recovery. She is my rock, my ally, my strongest advisor and best friend because she’s always been there and I can tell her everything. I also think that I suffered from bulimia because my role models were all messed up, I looked up to the wrong people, and society kept telling me how I need to look this way or that way, and the media reinforces that message! So, I searched for strong women, rebellious, successful, confident, groundbreaking women to look up to… women who are so much more than their looks, women who defy the status quo. I recommend you check this girl’s blog out, she is just AMAZING and transmits a very powerful message in each of her social network pages: http://nadiaaboulhosn.com/
      Also, any quotes concerning self-love can cause great impact in your girl, I know they’ve helped me enormously.
      Now, the approach on self help nowadays is much more fun and “hip” I would say because a new generation of spiritual leaders has emerged and they talk mainly to youth (probably your 12-year old would find Wayne Dyer’s speeches and books dated or boring). These spiritual leaders have a cool approach and use social media as a platform, so their teachings are quite easy to access :). And, their teachers are Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Anthony Robbins, etc 😉
      I highly recommend : Mastin Kipp http://thedailylove.com/
      Marie Forleo: http://www.marieforleo.com/
      Serena Dyer: http://www.serenadyer.com/
      And, last but not least, Charlie McDonnell. He is a vlogger who is extremely charismatic and even though he is not in the “self help” wave, his message in his funny, quirky videos is very positive and loving. I’m sure your daughter will develop a crush on him, I know I did… she probably even follows him already!

      And, basically, lead by example, whatever you wish for her to change or be, show her, don’t preach her. When we see our parents being down or depressed, we tend to imitate their behaviour, I think. When she sees how much love you are feeding yourself, she’ll learn self-love too. Don’t judge her or punish her, love her no matter what :D. ED’s are a wake up call for us to love our beautiful selves no matter what. The worst battle we fight is with ourselves.
      I can see you are following Lisa over at Sober Identity, too. She is my coach and has helped me immensely! She is teaching me to love myself, you could write to her too, she is AWESOME.

      Oh, and also, I don’t know what your girl is going through, either bulimia or anorexia, but the girl who inspired me and helped me decide to recover is Shaye, a recovered bulimic who opened up a site whose purposes are to understand the disease better, build a network between girls suffering of the same thing, and helping them. Her site opened the door to recovery for me, so check it out and, if your daughter comes around, recommend it to her : http://www.your-bulimia-recovery.com/

      I hope I can help! Don’t hesitate on emailing me, I’d be glad to know how things work out :). erikreki@yahoo.com

      Thanks for reaching out, I am more than happy to help.

      • Thank you so much for taking the time to write this Erika!! I’m not sure of the diagnosis per say yet – and it’s very early so hopefully we can avert it from becoming a bigger issue.

        I will definitely keep your email in mind … Thanks again!! It means the world to ME that you took time to reply to me.

  10. Hi Erika! Your English is absolutely FLAWLESS! I never would’ve picked it that its not your first language. English was my second language – i was brought up speaking Portuguese till I went to school and now its become my predominate language, and honestly your writing is better then mine! Looking forward to catching up on your blogs. God bless xox

  11. Erika,
    I understand that eating disorders effect a significant number of women (and men). I believe if you wrote a book about your experience it would help others in a good way. I don’t know if you have considered writing a book, but if you decide to you can self-publish an Ebook. If you visit smashwords.com there you can download “Smashwords Style Guide” for free, follow the guide, and produce a decent looking Ebook from Microsoft Word. Then there are tutorials on YouTube to easily create a cover using Paint. My basic view on writing is not to become famous or make a lot of money etc., but that it is a way to share life experiences, in either a fiction or non-fiction form, and help people in some way. I believe you have an excellent book in you.
    Best regards,

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