AB Journaling

A: You wasted a whole weekend, escaped reality, didn’t work out, ate a lot, didn’t change your cellphone, didn’t investigate about scholarships abroad, didn’t do the homework for work. You are a woman of nearly 30 years of age and still act like a child. When is this all gonna change?

B: Hello sweetie. You did not waste a weekend. You caught up with an old friend, got to remember how helpful it was opening your blog, went to a concert, realised how much you would like to have an independent life abroad, and what you do want, and what you don’t. You may have escaped your reality a bit, but you enjoyed it because that is what you have learned to do over the years: enjoy life. You did a useful thing: you invested time in people you love. You did eat, maybe a lot, maybe not. Tomorrow is a day to redeem yourself. You can start by making the time to work out tomorrow. Stop beating yourself up and, tomorrow make a list of all the things you should do so you can prioritise and achieve goals.

You are 3 years away of turning 30. Make them worthy, happy and enjoyable. Life is to live it, enjoy it and doing so in your own way.

I love you, always.


Friday Night with my lil’ sis

So, I chose to stay in tonight even though I had plans to go clubbing. My intuition told me to do so, I listened and it was the best choice ever. 

I ended up chatting, laughing, listening to music with this beauty that I get to call sister. Our relationship has not always been the best but I decided to choose to be kind and loving to her, and the response has been INCREDIBLE. I’ve only started doing it for a week, which means I’ve just had a quick glimpse of the marvellous relationship we’ll have. 

It is true that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.