Ode to my mom

Today is my mom’s birthday and this post is dedicated to her.


55 years ago, an angel was born. That angel eventually gave birth to me and my two siblings. Thank you mommy for being the BEST friend, confidant, #1 fan, cheerleader and supporter anyone could ask for. You are the kindest human being in the planet and I am lucky for being your daughter. I hope I can give back as much love as you give me every single day. I look up to you and you are my role model. I love you a bit more every single day. Thanks for always being there for me and loving me just the way I am. Happy birthday, mommy! I love you always and forever.

I hope I can make you proud every single day.


6 thoughts on “Ode to my mom

  1. Awww…a beautiful tribute to a beautiful mom. Happy birthday Erika’s mom, here’s to many more amazing, happy, and very healthy years.
    I am sure she is super proud of you Erika, and she is so pretty.

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