Dreamy dream

I had the most amazing dream:

My dad, my sister, my mum and I went to London for a shopping spree because my dad had to give a very important speech in front of a big audience. It all seemed so real, and my sis and I were shopping in H&M, and my dad was buying CD’s and movies, just like old times sake. I think the fact that I’ve been watching interviews, pictures and videos of the Dyer Family had a lot to do with my dream. Dr Wayne Dyer is always preaching about abundance, meditation, peace of mind, and he definitely leads by example. He’s definitely an example to me and my family.

I am gonna use my mind to attract only good and positive things into my life.

The day is not over yet, but I haven’t barfed or had barfing thoughts.

There’s another thing i am entirely certain of: I have a loving, caring and special person waiting for me, I am not worried at all of my singleness now, I know love will find me, and it will be special because I am.

I am still kinda asleep, but I’m awakening little by little.

I’m gonna go to the gym now and have good workout.

What is the most important muscle for weight loss? the brain.

Love, E.


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