Setting boundaries

I once went to have my Astral Letter read. What is that? You may wonder. It’s a diagram used by astrologists to provide a psychological interpretation and predict stuff about the person who asks for a reading. I don’t know if “Astral Letter” is the proper name for it in English, i just translated it from how it is known in Spanish.

Anyhow, amongst other things, my letter said that my mission in life is setting boundaries, accepting myself and having pretty hair haha.

I hadn’t been on the best mood because one of my partners started bullying me all day long. He likes to joke a lot at expense of others and he’s usually funny but ever since we work every single day together, I’ve become quite fed up with his little jokes. He makes fun of how distracted I am, how slow, how desperate for a boyfriend I am, how lazy, how much I don’t like to think, etc. He’s always been like that, but right now it has intensified. The thing is, that this isn’t the first time it has happened to me. I generally let people make fun of me and put me down just because it can be funny and entertaining. Pleasing people has gone overboard and I hate confronting others because I’m afraid they may not like how I talk to them. So there, I said it: I’m scared to be strong when all of my life I’ve been weak and have allowed others to step over me. I’ve always given impressive power to other people’s opinion, so if they say I’m distracted, lazy, slow, ugly or fat, I’ll believe it and act accordingly.

This is not a pity post, it is an eye-opening one. And, whenever I don’t honor my word, whenever I don’t treat my body like a temple, whenever I sleep late, whenever I waste my own time and listen (and believe) other people’s agressions towards me, I am not loving myself, I am giving up the power to love my own perfect self.

I’ll go to sleep now.

I leave you with a very beautiful, powerful and inspirational speech.


7 thoughts on “Setting boundaries

  1. I would love to have an astral reading 🙂
    As for your colleague, I can relate. I lack assertiveness and used to let others walk all over me. I find bullies like him are probably more insecure than you realize. Just ask him calmly to stop because you don’t think it’s funny. And please, ignore him! If he doesn’t stop, just pretend he is not there and is not saying anything. He is looking for a reaction, so don’t give him one.

    • You should have an astral reading!
      I already asked him to tone it down… he didn’t like it, he thought I was in a bad mood. He’ll have to get used to the fact that I am no longer going to put up with his insults and crap. I know he is very insecure! All of the bullies are. Thanks a lot for taking interest as always, Hélène :).

  2. Of course I don`t know you in real life but I understand that you might not always feel strong. But from reading your posts I think that you are strong and you probably just have to work at letting that side of yours show.
    I am not the strongest either, and let people make fun of me, but I accept to be different in a way. With different I mean I want to accept being “special”. Hope you understand what I mean.
    Love yourself, I think you managed the first big steps by changing your life so now these are just smaller hurdles.
    Maybe there is something about your partner that you, in your head can make fun of too? Be the wiser person, don`t let it show but know it.

    By the way, I loved Michelle Obama`s speech. I think she is an incredible woman and definitely someone to learn from.

    • Oh, I totally get it, I do KNOW we are very special, that’s why people try to bring us down, because we shed so much light they feel they have to turn it off…
      The thing about being the wiser person is soooo truee!!! I just love that! I need to be careful enough to know how to set boundaries intelligently.

      OMG Michelle Obama is definitely a new role model ;). I’m glad you enjoyed it.

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